Friday, August 29, 2008

105th First Day

Off we went in the morning after a sound sleep to find an alternate route into town instead of 94 which is a deadly pain, we will be using it to get into town tomorrow for the parade. We got to town and found the waterfront, I was amazed by the water, the lake is so big you feel like you are looking at the ocean. There is a beach and of course you will find a picture in the gallery.
The Discovery World display was all about the work that goes into customizing the different styles of motorcycles HD makes, very interesting, the early indoor photos in the gallery are from there. We wandered around a bit and found the shuttle to the museum, Mike of course found the info desk and went after tickets to the museum, he even asked if Jim was around, but no dice, he was busy. He wasn't really thinking there was a chance of getting them but a lovely young lady named Amanda clued him into the fact that a few had been turned in and were being redistributed and then she offered to babysit Minnie so we could go through together. Nice young lady and an amazing museum. There are a lot of pictures from there but i wish I had a whole day to do the museum. Guess we'll have to come back someday, of course it will be different by then. We rode a shuttle over and back, oh my, long trip, what should have taken 15 or so minutes took more like an hour.
Minnie is a huge hit, everyone seems to want to pet her. It is hot and she gets a bit warm.
Oh, back to the museum, when you get to the gallery pictures, check out the Rhinestone Harley. I think it has more bling than McDave's bike.
We are heading in very early for the parade tomorrow,they are saying around 4 hours for this shin dig, ouch, half a day. So off to bed and more tomorrow. Now, go check out the pics, 149 in all.

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