Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 3

Hey, it was another long 500 miles and another suck internet connection, we are staying in a KOA that has only two cabins and we got one of them. We did see a couple of cool HD dealerships and discovered a town called Wall, South Dakota, home of Wall Drug, amazing place but we could have used a whole day not a half hour to see it all. South Dakota strongly resembles parts of Washington, LOL. I'll post pictures from today tomorrow evening, we'll be in the hotel and I should have some good shots from Milwaukee also. We did decide to add a day to our trip home as this 500 miles a day does not leave much time for sightseeing. So, more on that later. We gained another hour today so we were late to the campground, pulled in at 10pm instead of 9, next time I will plan for things like that. Laters, off to bed and up at 4am so we can get to Sun Prairie, check in and run into Milwaukee to enjoy at least part of the day and pick up our parade registration.

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angie said...

Wall Drug is amazing, isn't it? We had lunch there when we were back there. The have food service down to a fine science. Really good sandwiches.