Tuesday, August 26, 2008

500 miles later

Interesting day, I discovered that Wyoming doesn't look all that different from Eastern Washington. Dryland farming abounds and lots of cows. Some fun stuff today though, we passed a billboard advertising the "Testicle Festival" with a dancing pig, well, I missed getting a picture of that but will try to get one on the way home. Billboards, that was an odd thing I noticed, once we crossed into Idaho, and through Montana and Wyoming, lots and lots of huge billboards advertising all sorts of things.
We found lots of historic places today, often with a rest stop included, how convenient :). I'll upload the pictures to the gallery hopefully many of the informational signs will be readable. Went to the Little Bighorn battleground and cemetary, a little creepy, you feel like the ghosts are still walking around.
Wyoming is nothing but a series of small mountain ranges, felt like all we did was go up and down all day. Well we pass into South Dakota tomorrow so we will see if it changes. Windy too, had the fight the trailer most of the day, rain yesterday, wind today, can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring.
This trip is turning out to be a bit intense, 500 miles a day is crazy, I don't know how folks do it on a bike, 300 sure, 500 omg.
The HD dealerships are interesting and some are very different, we went to one in Bozeman, not the friendly sort. Then we got to Billings and they were amazing, helpful, and friendly, they wanted to keep Minnie though.
The KOA in Buffalo is kind of small, a bit pricier than the Kabin in Missoula but it does have air conditioning, Mike is a happy camper. Don't think they really like bikers much but the guys going round and round the campground may have contributed to their attitude.
Later guys and gals, it's late and I still need to get the pictures downloaded and uploaded.


Larry said...

Nice pictures. Did you find some sort of furry critter alongside the road...or did you break down and take your very own little mutt? Mike appears to be checking out the ground for the one, very best spot.

Stay dry!


Larry said...

Nice pictures. However it appears that you found some sort of black hairy critter out in the desert...or did you actually tote your very own along? Mike looks like he's studying the ground for just the perfect spot...for him or the pup?

Nice blog.


Jeannie said...

The little black ball of fluff is our very own Minnie Mouse.

angie said...

Hey - I haven't checked out the pics yet, but I'm jealous that you got to see the Little Big Horn. I was there 30 plus years ago, and really wanted to stop there on our recent trip, but it wasn't in the cards. I was amazed at the varied countryside in Wyoming and SD. Did you hit the Bad Lands?