Friday, September 5, 2008

Catch Up time

I realized reading over the past posts that i have said nothing about the trip to Rushmore and Crazy Horse. Well, I finally got the pictures uploaded so I figured a bit on that trip would be good. We headed out early and went to Rushmore first, as you can see we didn't get as far as the gate, Mike didn't want to pay for another gate fee to get in when he pretty much just wanted to see it. However, next year we will be going up close and personal, there is a train that runs to the mountain in Hilltop a small town at the base of the mountain so combine a fun ride with a bit more exploration. So, get the pictures, turn around and head for the Crazy Horse Memorial which was fascinating but again needs a lot more time to fully explore. We were there for close to 2 hours and didn't even see everything in the complex, very interesting place and there are tours out to the site, up close and personal. Wish we would have been there on Labor Day as they had a big blasting. When they set up for a major progress blast they turn it into sort of a fireworks show. Also before Labor day they have a laser light show said to be amazing. The amount of Indian history encompassed in this one place was amazing. We figure next year we will split the two, do Rushmore for 1/2 day and Crazy Horse for 1/2 day, might get a bit more understanding then, Well, there's a bit on that trip. :)
P.S. We bought an interagency pass good to next September, gets you into all sorts of places, federal parks and monuments, BLM, and several other places, we were able to trade in all our receipts from the previous places off on the cost also, so it cost us like 10 bucks more than what we had already spent.

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angie said... what day were you in Hill City, SD?? That is where most of the Sturgis group stayed while we were there.