Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Homeward bound

Stayed in Devils Tower KOA last night, my advice is don't bother. Cabins were worn, mattress was pretty much non-existent, office closed at 6pm and the folks were not at all friendly.
Well, back to Deadwood which was way more fun. I spent three hours taking pictures and looking about in Deadwood and definitely didn't get it all. We took a little bus tour up to the cemetary and around, learned quite a bit about deadwood in the process, like the fact Wild Bill and Calamity Jane were only passing acquaintances, she was sort of the original stalker. The town decided in 1980 to become a casino town to restore the buildings before they all fell apart. So, 4% of all profits go to restoring the town and it has been very successful but there is a casino every other storefront. Gamblers heaven, but we don't gamble so the history part was a blast. We are definitely going back next year. So enjoy the pictures and I'll write a bit more this evening, Mike is tired of sitting in this hotspot parking lot.

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