Monday, September 8, 2008

Conclusion to this trip

Well, it's two days later after arriving home and i finally have time to finish this up. We got up on Friday Morning ready to head for home, the last few nights it got below freezing, started at Devil's Tower and continued in Yellowstone. Brrrr, don't camp in KOA after Labor Day, the walk to the restroom at night is a real chiller. Makes it hard to get back to sleep. We packed up and headed out, nearly 500 miles to Spokane, WA and a stay in an Extended Stay Studio, nice place with all the comforts of home in a space about 14 x 14. It did have a really nice shower and fully appointed kitchen and perhaps most importantly heat. Saturday we woke up very early and headed for Wenatchee, we know the road really well and make amazing time, stopped in Wenatchee and visited with the daughter that lives there and my sister. Then off to Bellingham via highway two and Stevens Pass. Home by 5:30 and it was soooo nice. We are already making plans to return to Deadwood and the surrounding area in late July next year.


Matt said...

Camping in Wyoming after Labor Day can be a little chilling. But you are camping and shouldn't complain about it. The KOA at Devils Tower can't control Mother Nature. We've heard that it is a really nice campground. Would love to go there sometime soon.

Jeannie said...

I do agree that cold should be expected, and maybe in July when we could have pitched a tent it would have been fine. I was confused by the website which says they are open until September 30. Open is a nominal word, all the things in the writeup on the website were not available. The bed was very unstable and the mattress as I said was very thin. So tent camping in July would probably be perfectly fine.