Monday, September 1, 2008

Off to Deadwood

The day dawned as the last several have, hot, sunny, and windy. We got loaded up and headed out of Mitchell, SD to Deadwood, 375 miles. We thought we would get there relatively quickly but we hadn't counted on the severe wind, Motorcycles passing us were leaning over heavily to make any progress against the wind and we encountered exhausted motorcyclists at every stop. Then throw in intermittent rain and putting on the gear and taking it off and it was not a great day to be a motorcyclist in South Dakota. We just had to fight the wind with the trailer jumping around. The roads were not fantastic either.
If you ever get to South Dakota go see the Corn Palace, didn't get to go inside but did get some great pictures that are in the gallery and a little book on it's history, very cool place that is the home to the Corn Festival (hmm, thousands of acres of corn all around, wonder why they would have corn festival). Many famous folks have played the corn palace and the palace in one incarnation or another has been around for 100+ years.
The other funny stop was a little place called Cowboy town which apparently has a little replica of a western town with animatronic people and everything. It also has live buffalo surrounding the area and it sells all kinds of buffalo products, a bit of a quick stop, and tons of fireworks.
Not a lot of pics but i will get some up tonight, however tomorrow night will be a biggie, Rushmore, Deadwood, and the Crazy Horse Monument, so stay tuned. We drove through Sturgis, pretty quiet after the labor day Mustang rally Sturgis for cars instead of bikes, lol. Up the hill and over to Deadwood, oh my, mini reno, seems the place is history, casinos, and hotels. I will get the good stuff and forget the modern stuff.
One last note, we saw our first gas station of the future, we pulled into this little gas station along the road, it had some advertisements for hot coffee and such on the outside. The pumps said credit card only so we got that going and Mike went inside and came back laughing his butt off and only said, "hmm, gas station of the future you have to go look." So in I go, and man was it interesting, restrooms and vending machines, no attendant. Wow, not too sure I like that a whole bunch. Vending machine coffee sucks.
That is another thing, I haven't had a latte in a week, scarce commodity around here.

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