Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yellowstone Ho!

Busy day yesterday and today, we left Devil's Tower for the nearly 400 mile trek to Yellowstone. Lots of driving, only 95 of it on I-90 then off on 16 to travel the back roads and a couple of mountain passes to the East entrance of Yellowstone. Once we passed through the gate it was a different story, 45 miles an hour and watch out for animals and tourists, funny how folks will stop in the middle of the road for a buffalo. Took us 2 1/2 hours to do what should have been 1 1/2. Amazing scenery though but it got dark before we exited the park.
Went back today and did some exploring, we immediately came to the conclusion we need to few trips to see it all. Snow in one of the passes already, guy at the office says 2 weeks and there will be snow in the KOA campground. I never realized the altitude of the park. The animals, 4 and 2 footed are interesting, but to me the vents, volcanic activity and the recovery of the forest from various fires was way more interesting. We did go to see Old Faithful but our timing was off so I guess it will be the next time around.
I prefer the animals to be a bit farther away than the buffalo were a few times as you can see when I get the gallery uploaded. I have restrictions here on my usage so I will do what i can. They are chasing grizzlies out of the campground at night, makes me scared to go down to the girls room.
We are looking forward to coming back on the bikes next summer when it is a bit warmer and doing all our exploring that way. There are dozens of bikes in the park at any moment.

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